Copse to Creel - restoring a hazel coppice

The Native Woodland Discussion Group (NWDG) have produced this excellent film following the restoration of a hazel copse.

The film tells the story of a hazel copse in south-east Scotland being brought back into productive management; the discovery of a historical link with the local fishing industry; and the unexpected finding of an informal but probably very common variant of coppice management in Scotland.

Big shout out to our committee member Shamúéil Gutraidh for all the techy work behind the scenes to process the recording and get it onto YouTube, as well as to the film-maker Charlie Stuart for the beautiful shots.

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Just watched this great wee film. Gordon is a real link with the past. Loved the question- ‘Were you managing the wood as coppice or did you just take what you needed?’ ‘We just took what we needed.’ This is what happens when less than five hundred people own half of Scotland. Fisherman have always had an anarchic attitude.