Creating Riverwoods (Scotland: The Big Picture) videos

This video series caught my eye recently. I really enjoyed their feature length Riverwoods film and this playlist of four shorter practical videos is great.

As they put it;

Creating Riverwoods is a series of real-life case studies featuring landowners, gamekeepers and fisheries experts. Their stories provide both practical information and inspiration for other land managers seeking to restore the health of Scotland’s river catchments, and all the life within them.

Playlist link:


Yes, these are great. Riverwoods is really at the cutting edge and deserves a wide audience. I saw the original film with some of the people from Bright Green Nature, very close to the River Tweed.


The work which Tweed Forum is doing down here in the Borders is fantastic. I once had my house flooded and it was traumatic. Natural flood control has the potential to save a lot of money and PAIN!

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Thank you for these links, I’m looking forward to watching and learning.

I have been concerned at the impact of extreme weather events on the streams which feed the large pond at the centre of our woodland in Perth and Kinross.

At their best our streams support a wide range of bird and insect life plus Loch Leven trout. But it could be better. One of our young neighbouring farmers is doing a good job (no winter ploughing, wide field margins etc) and has agreed to add a silt trap where his field drain runs into our stream.

It would be great to collaborate with local farmers to reduce runoff, pollution and algal growth - for everyone’s benefit.


Looking forward to visiting sometime soon.

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