Help section for site?

Can we add a Help section to the site? I couldn’t find anything at all. Presumably there are generic ones for using the software, but with no indication of what the engine is that won’t help anyone. I wanted to add a wiki post but there didn’t seem to be an option and there was absolutely no help as to why this was or how I could do it.

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A couple of questions. Sorry that this isn’t really the right place.

I can’t see how to make a new post. Or how to sign out at the end of a session.

I think it’s a great idea and long overdue though.

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The equivalent of a post is a topic. Click on the RS logo and below the welcome there is a + New Topic button.

To log out, click your profile icon, top right (mine is a circle with an A in it. Click the person icon at the bottom of the menu that comes up. Log out is at the bottom of the menu that then comes up.


Yeah we need to add a help section, and/or a page explaing how the site works and how to use it…

To answer your question on a wiki post, you create a new post and then as a moderator you should have the option to make it a wiki post afterwards.


What is a Wiki post?

Wiki (as in like wikipedia) is an editable post. So the idea is you make the first post of a topic a wiki post and then folk can edit it. This is useful for community edited documentation, and we’re thinking to use it on here for things like directories… e.g. see Tree Nursery Directory.

I’m not really expecting normal users to know this sort of thing, the idea is that us moderators would turn a post into a wiki if we thought it made sense to.

Also by tagging the post as a “resourse”, “video”, “article”, or “directory” it automatically puts it in the “Resourses” section - the idea being we can build up a nice knowledge hub over time.

Hi all, love that this exists and cannot wait for it to be public! Great work Dylan and everyone.

What sort of feedback would be most helpful to everyone at this stage? Can I share my thoughts (as a 29yo layperson user who uses quite a few digital platforms on a daily basis) on the UI, or is that for later / yesterday?

Please also let me know if there’s a closed section or fb chat, e-mail thread, etc. we should use for discussion, so comments don’t live forever on the live site.

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Thanks for joining Mia. I’ve changed you to a moderator, so you will now be able to see the Staff category. We can use this for developing the site. However I will clean up all obsolete topics before launch so you can post anywhere really, and play around with features at this stage with dummy posts etc.

We’re still at early stages with it so any feedback is welcome!

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Can I add our small tree nursery based near Dumfries. Beechgrove Trees and Hedging produces cell grown native trees and shrubs. We are looking to produce around 100,000 trees per year where possible using locally collected seed. We are registered for the Forestry Reproductive Material regulations and for plant passporting. We can sell single trees or thousands. We are also trying to grow on some trees in beds for larger plants.

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Yes no problem I’ll add it on.