Leases, Rights & Responsibilities

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share their lease documents showing their terms and conditions?

I tried the lease on the old forum (on 1000huts website) though it doesn’t seem to work unfortunately.

The reason I ask is the site my hut sits on currently has no formal agreements in place, it is all on understanding between the hutters and the landowner. The landowner would like to be official so we would like to get a grasp of what we can expect to be in the lease and help with getting the process started to allow this to be amended to be specific to our huts.


Craig, you could try a PM to Donald McPhilimy on the Thousand Huts FB page. Donald was involved in setting up the leases etc at Carnock Wood hut site and should have relevant info.
It’s also worth suggesting that a “model lease” be posted on here as a “sticky” so that others can see an example of what one looks like. Save people re-inventing the wheel.
Good luck.