Lynx binding life and death

This is a great piece by Scotland The Big Picture on the missing role of lynx on death and decay in our landscapes.

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Is it time for Reforesting Scotland or some other group to do a comparative study between Norway and Scotland on the way that sheep are managed (in the forest in Norway, on open land in Scotland) and the actual impact of lynx on sheep? It could be a group with ecologists, shepherds and foresters so that the report would carry some weight.

At present the shepherding community hides behind spurious information from Norway based on unverified claims and the fact that the Norwegian method of rearing sheep in the forest is very unusual.

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Yes that’s an interesting idea Donald. I wonder if Scotland TBP would be interested? I’m sure RS would be up for it if we knew of somebody to head it up. I’ve found it frustrating in the past how the lynx/sheep debate doesn’t get far as folk just claim that we do it differently here.