Overnight Stays (Sarah asked)

Replying to a 1000Huts post.

If your land is registered as “forestry” then you have the PD right to plonk up to 3 caravans on the land but these are to be used for the purposes of forestry. A caravan is defined as being capable of being moved in no more than 2 sections and having a maximum dimensions of (from memory) 60ft-long x 20ft-wide x 10ft-high. You need no prior approval. When they say what are they for you answer “forestry”. No yoga, pilates, squirrel watching. It is “forestry”. When they ask “what forestry?” you say “forestry”. It is up to them to prove what you do is not forestry and have Euan come visit (issue an EON: Enforcement Notice). EON is a serious legal move: if your land is forestry, you can move the caravan, you do not live in it 365 days a year (364 is OK) then you will not see Euan.

They may say you are creating a “caravan site” and require planning approval. No you do not (IMHO). The Caravan Act (1960s) allowed for forestry caravans to be placed without applying for a site license.

You do, however, have to apply for planning if you construct a path / trail / road. So, don’t construct them. There is no law against them coming in to being by driving, repeatedly, back and forth. Just don’t drop rock or use a machine.

Note, this is only for Scotlandia. In Englandia forestry must (again from memory) be a minimum size and I think it is 5 acres but Scotland has no size limit for what is “forestry”. Check ScotLis for your Title to confirm it is forestry.

And, I would not never ask the planners anything. See my notes across in 1000H. You have a right (NPF4) to build a hut. Submit an application which is compliant with NPF4. Appeal to ScotGov if they sit on the application or bring out the lions and ask you and them to jump through hoops.

Me? I fought and fought and fought them as I sought advice and paid experts who, all, made a hash of it. I then did it myself and took the planners to ScotGov on Appeal. I won. I then plonked a caravan in the woodland (not on the hut site). Got threatened with a visit from Euan. Still waiting to see him. Next I am submitting my planning for improved road entrance (which is planning) and new trails (prior notification only). 2 separate applications.

If I were you I would submit a planning application. Copy mine (see 1000H). It is simple and cheap.


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Great answer Mark. From the cutting edge.