Why Not Scotland? (Trailer)

Why Not Scotland? is a feature-length documentary which forms a central part of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance’s Rewilding Nation campaign. The film accompanies Flo, a young Scot from Glasgow, on an intensely personal journey, as she seeks out examples of nature recovery around Europe.

Like many of her generation, Flo is concerned by the state of nature and fearful about an uncertain future. However, during her travels, she discovers places where nature is making a spectacular comeback, breathing life back into the landscape and revitalising human communities. Encouraged by these stories of hope and renewal, she is prompted to wonder: Why Not Scotland?

Starring Flo Blackbourn. Produced and directed by Mat Larkin. Executive producer Peter Cairns. Assistant producer Tierney Lloyd.

In March 2024, Why Not Scotland? will embark on a screening tour across Scotland. Find out more at Why Not Scotland? | SCOTLAND: The Big Picture


Judging by the trailer this is an uplifting film with STBP’s usual excellent images. Only downside is that it reminds that Scotland is different. One of the last countries into the feudal system and, sadly, the echoes of that feudalism still reverberate down the glens. The answer is going to be a mixture of pioneering projects, grassroot campaigns and political change.