Woodland Training and Courses survey

Reforesting Scotland are investigating the possibility of developing a training programme over the next year or two, focusing on practical woodland-related courses and workshops that are currently hard to find or not available in Scotland. We intend to partner with other organisations and providers across Scotland for this to be a diverse and wide ranging program.

We’d love to hear from you as to what courses and training you’d like to see by voting below. Add a reply if there’s something we’ve missed. Keep an eye on the website, our social media and the RS Hub for updates.

  • Small Woodland Management
  • Coppice Management
  • Hedgelaying
  • Coppice Products
  • Tree Health
  • Fruit Tree Pruning / Orchards
  • Tree Nursery Management
  • Tree / Plant Identification
  • Deer Stalking & Butchery
  • Huts & Hut Building
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Great idea. Community friendly training courses. I’d like to add ‘Making conifer plantations more ecologically valuable’

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Yeah that’s a good one. We’ve got a few winners to be getting started with anyway.

Some kind of applied mycology for remediating soils would be good. As would inoculating logs. As would activating biochar with plant teas. I’m going to stop here. Best wishes. r

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